About Me

I'm a computer science student at Cal Poly SLO. This website is my home on the internet. Here are three facts about me:

My dream is to be an indie video game developer. I'm going to stay up all night programming and lose sleep until the dream materializes.

I love sine waves so much that if time and space contracted into a sine wave I wouldn't even be upset.

My favorite usage of punctuation is hyphenating a hypenated phrase with an en dash, such as non–self-governing. I don't have a strong opinion on the Oxford comma (I have a mild opinion, but it's not too strong, e.g., not any stronger than black coffee)

Feel free to contact me at contact@d41games.com.

The title “d41games” was not merely a product of chance. These letters and numbers have deep significance to past events in my life. It all started when I was 12 years old, when I thought to myself, “You know what? ‘d41’ is a pretty rad combination of letters and numbers.”

Old logos

About d41games

Why did I create d41games?

I needed somewhere to post things.

It all began in my youth when I discovered a tool called "Game Maker." d41games was originally created as a place to post my unoriginal creations and share my tremendous talent with the entire world.

d41games has gone through quite a few revisions. You can see some of the early logos above. It started as a website on the free website builder "freewebs." After that, I hacked together a thing with some PHP and MySQL. The current revision is mostly a frontend app with a Node backend. No one knows where the future will take us, but usually it takes me about six months before I decide to completely rewrite something.

The d41games logo is a spherical drone flying at high speeds, guided by a rail. Its tail shows its extreme velocity and personifies the inanimate. Please respect the drone by giving it a 10% minimum margin on the bottom edge.

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