At first, I tried to make games with text output, printing grids of characters. And then I discovered a program called Game Maker. It was really simple to use, and it allowed me to take bad ideas and make them into reality. Making interactive video games with graphics and sounds suddenly became possible. The world was in front of me. I could make anything I wanted.

Of course, instead of making something original, I decided to reuse characters from another series. I had recently played and enjoyed the game Mega Man Battle Network 3, with no prior knowledge of Mega Man games. I heard there was a game called Mega Man & Bass, so I decided to make a game called Mega Man VS Bass. Pretty clever, right? I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking or how that made sense on any level.

Don't worry, though, because the game was much worse than the title. I'd almost like to try it again to see if it's as bad as I remember. Unfortunately, I don't have Game Maker any more, the source file probably is too old to open in the newest version, and I'm reluctant to open an old .exe file.

Honestly, I'm not even sure if I can say I made this game. I didn't make the graphics or the sounds. A lot of the code was copied from examples.

Anyway, the gameplay was pretty simple. Basically, you jumped across a few platforms to find ammo, then used that ammo to shoot and destroy a wall that blocked the level's exit. After that, there was a boss that you had to shoot a few times before moving on to the next level. Pretty basic, and it didn't really work that well either.

Well. Everyone starts somewhere, right?