The Blue Sphere is an unfinished game I've been working on recently. It was programmed in Python using the Panda3D game engine.

My goal for this game was to make interesting puzzles. I've played too many games that have boring puzzles, ones that can be solved by systematically using each object in the room until something works. I wanted to make puzzles that make you think.

The first level has some rooms and doors, switches to open the doors, and a button for rotating the door in the center of the level. It's not terribly original, but I tried to arrange it in a way such that it wasn't immediately obvious how to get to the end of the level. The level also includes a boss, which is a snake that follows you around. To destroy it, you have to drop food around and lure it into running into its own tail.

The second level has a time machine and spots on the ground where you can plant trees. The idea is that you plant trees in one time period, and they'll be grown in another time period. You have to arrange where and when you plant the seeds in order to get the desired configuration.

The unfinished third level features large platforms that the player can walk on and rotate. There are puzzles involving lasers and mirrors that have to be arranged correctly to hit certain targets. The level will be completed eventually maybe.

Also, the main character is a blue sphere. I'm not good at choosing main characters.